NiceLabel Suite

Euro Plus d.o.o. (Shareware)

NiceLabel Suite is a program suite used for creating label designs and other printing solutions. Developed by Euro Plus, this suite offers a variety of options for different labeling requirements such as compliance labeling, RFID, and others. There are several modules included in this program such as NiceLabel Pro, NiceForm, NicePrint, NiceWatch, Pocket NiceLabel and NicePrintQueue.

NiceLabel Pro is a fully featured program for professional label printing and design. It includes a comprehensive database support as well as integration features. The software also offers a variety of options and tools for creating professional labels. It also supports RFID Class and Gen 2 as well as standard and industry bar codes. The NiceForm program is the suite’s application generator used for labeling tasks on mobile and desktop label printing. It also enables database connectivity via advanced ODBC or OLE DB connectivity. Another module available in this suite is the NicePrint module, which offers predesigned label interface and makes sure there are no errors in the label production.

There is also the NiceWatch module, which is a systemized print server used for automating label-printing tasks. It can also recognize print requests from different platforms/applications such as desktops, mobile wireless, WMS or ERP. NiceLabel Suite also features the Pocket NiceLabel program. This application is a mobile runtime environment for bar code production and integration as well as RFID labels for CE.Net and Windows mobile devices. The last module included in this suite is the NicePrintQueue, which is the suite’s print job manager that enables users to check the status of the local and network printers.