Klikis (Freeware)

NiceCopier is a program that provides users with the ability to copy files from one folder to another. Users may still cancel or pause the copying session even while it is in progress. This application is an alternative to the file copy function of Windows Explorer. Aside from its copying function, it can also pause and resume sessions as well as calculate the best speed for copying. This application has the ability to improve the computer’s copying user interface as well as the file management system during copying.

The application sits in the system tray until it is clicked by the user. The user interface consists of a primary panel where users can copy or move the selected items. Users can also view the details of the files they are copying and copy speed. NiceCopier enables users to select the files that they want to rename, replace, or not include in a copying session.

The files are displayed in the program’s main window, where these can be sorted according to date or size. Users can begin a copying session immediately or delay the procedure by specifying the number of milliseconds of delay prior to copy. Users can also set the application to ask for confirmation every time they send the command to cancel file copying.