Nice PDF Creator 3.02

NicePDF, Inc. (Shareware)

Nice PDF Creator is a program that lets users create PDF documents. Upon installation, the application adds a button to different programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. This makes creating PDF documents more efficient, as it eliminates the need to open another program. The application can be used by beginners and advanced users alike.

The program’s main window consists of several tabs and buttons that are located at the upper part of the window. These tabs consist of settings for creating the PDF document out of various types of files. Some of the settings that can be changed are the resolution, start and end pages, binding, compression type, and others. Upon completion of the configuration process, users simply need to click the button labeled “Create PDF” to start making the PDF. The PDF document will be created within a few seconds or minutes, depending on the number of pages the source file has.

Here are more of the program’s features:

• Documents are converted to PDF files without the need to open the source files
• Supports up to 4000 dots per inch resolution for printing
• Format of original document is preserved when converted to PDF
• Users can create thumbnails from the PDF pages