Nice PDF Compressor 2.0

NicePDF Software, Inc. (Shareware)

Nice PDF Compressor allows the compression of files for more effective storage and faster transfers. Aside from storage purposes, there are other benefits that come with files that have been compressed. The main benefit that these files bring to computer users is the smaller file size. Having data that requires a smaller space to contain is important especially with the limited storage space that comes with most hard drives and external drives. Basically, the more files that can be stored in one device, the better it is for the computer system.

Aside from compressing ordinary files and converting them into conveniently-sized PDF files, the same program can be used to reduce the sizes of existing PDF files. Aside from compressing PDF files, users can make existing PDF files smaller in size. It is also possible for users to use the program to remove duplicate PDF objects, saving even more storage space.

This is a program that is equipped with some of most sophisticated formulae used for compression. Algorithms like Flate or RunLength can be used to make PDF files smaller. It is the user that chooses the compression level. Aside from compressing PDF files, users can also use the same application to decompress these files. By decompressing the files, the user can bring it back to its original size.