National Instruments (Proprietary)

NI LabView is the core of the proprietary platform for design. This program was developed for control and measurement systems, and it a comprehensive tool for developing and building applications quickly and efficiently. It is a graphics- and programming-based platform that allows engineers to develop systems of whatever size, from the design stage to the testing stage. The development environment has the following applications:

• Data Acquisition and Analysis
• Instrument Management
• Integrated Monitoring and Control Systems
• Automatic Systems for Validation and Testing

Users can build systems from scratch, or use set projects and startup templates. The integrated wizard also guides the user through utilities used to acquire, configure, debug, and calibrate for the fast display of measurement results. With the program, users can also build customized applications for current use, as well as ones that can be scaled to size in the future. Completion time is reduced and functionality is increased via an extensive set of tools for acquisition, analysis, display, and reporting of information.

NI LabVIEW can connect to numerous proprietary and external devices for measurement. It uses what is also known as the G programming language – a dataflow language that determines executions via the shape of a graphic block diagram. The user draws wires to correct the different nodes.