NHL Eastside Hock

SEGA (Proprietary)

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager is a video game series that lets players manage an ice hockey team. It lets players take control of the hockey franchise they want, whether it’s their favorite local team or another team from another country. Users can take the role of team manager, owner, or president of the franchise.

Players can build and modify their roster by drafting gifted young athletes, signing free agents, and trading players with another team. This game enables players to set up the practice schedules for their team, select tactics, scout for good players from other teams, renegotiate player contracts, and choose the game tactics they would like to use in their next game. Hockey Manager is able to show each player’s physical and mental attributes as well as his personality.

This program comes with a detailed, physics-based in-game engine that provides players the ability to see the game events in a realistic hockey match and commentaries. It also and displays the game statistics so players can see and analyze their team’s performance so they have an idea about what to do next. This program gives users in-depth content and features 18 leagues that may be played. The game’s database contains a thousand teams with more than 10,000 players as well as staff members.