NHL 09


NHL 09 is a sports video game based on the NHL franchise. NHL is a professional ice hockey league in North America. It was first released in 2008. It is the 18th game in the NHL series of video games. It is also the first time that the game’s PC version is not the same with the console versions. Advanced users can play the game along with additional moves that first became available in this game. Beginner players can also play the game with controls from the NHL ‘94 game. The simplified gaming controls primarily use two buttons, one for passing and one for shooting.

NHL 09’s “Be A Pro” feature is a story-mode like campaign where the user takes control of only one player. The user’s task is to advance the player’s career in the NHL. This is done by earning experience and playing games. Additionally, the user must also make decisions when the time comes for teams to retire.

NHL 09 has online play. Players can join online teams to compete in a 6-on-6 team play mode. The created player can level up, earn experience, participate in tournaments, and even receive awards. To participate in online play, users must enter their opponents IP address. The game also feature alternate jerseys for teams.