NHL® 08

EA Canada (Proprietary)

NHL 08 is a hockey video game. One of the game's unique features is the new Skill Stick System. This particular feature allows the player to control the hockey puck easily. In the game, the "goalie mode" is a gameplay mode where the goalie can be controlled. The player can do this with the third-person camera. Custom plays can also be created. In these type of plays, the team can use strategic plays against another team in a practice match. There are also ways to communicate with other players in the game. When the player taps the ice, it signals that he is calling for the puck.

NHL 08 features a new “dynasty mode.” In this mode, players can form their own dream team. This team can be used to play in the Stanley Cup. Each new season, the player is able to draft new players. Gamers can also create their own players in the game. The range of customization includes editing the facial features, the player’s body type, and even the created player's skill set.

NHL 08 has 29 teams from the AHL. In the video game, talented players in the AHL can be further developed so that they can play in the NHL.