True Human Design (Freeware)

NFOPad is a text editor and nfo viewer program developed and published by True Human Design. It is considered as a clone of the Microsoft Notepad application with added customization capabilities. As an NFO viewer, the program provides support for nfo documents with ASCII art as well as Unicode support. This allows users to not only view and edit text documents but also NFO and DIZ files.

The program’s interface is clear-cut. It is similar to Microsoft Notepad’s interface that consists of standard menus. Importing of files can be done via the file browser. However, it also features drag-and-drop support allowing users to import the file using this method. The application provides basic text editing functions such as undo, redo, copy, paste, and cut functions. Other editing functions include deleting lines, changing cases, and search and replace functions.

The application also offers a function to jump to a certain line number. Users may check the number of the column and line at the status bar. Hyperlink and email detection are also featured. This allows the program to recognize and email hyperlink texts included in the document. The program also offers an Option menu, which provides basic and advanced configuration options for fonts and colors, word & link detection, direct scrolling, shells, and languages.