xiles (Freeware)

NexusFile is a Windows file manager developed by xiles. It is used for managing, configuring, and editing Windows files and folders. The program is designed to replace Windows Explorer. It features basic managing functions include copying, moving, deleting, renaming, file splitting/joining, archiving, and more.

NexusFile offers the following features:

• Intuitive Interface – The program’s interface is intuitive and features a dual panel that allows users to view two folders at the same time side-by-side for comparison. Multi-tab support is available as well.
• Archive and FTP Support – The program supports various archive formats including ZIP, ARJ, RAR, ALZ Extraction, ACE, and ZIP Compression. It also supports basic FTP functions eliminating the need to open a separate FTP client.
• Customization – NexusFile also provides customization features allowing users to customize the color of file types, as well as customizing the interface’s skin.
• Advanced Rename – The application also features the Advanced Rename, which enables users to delete, insert, search, replace, and number the selected files/folders. Combining these operations and saving them is possible as well.
• Work Folder and Folder Tree – Users can set a certain folder as work folder. This allows users to open and view that folder using a keyboard shortcut. Performing move, copy, and extract files/folders functions is also possible by using keyboard shortcuts. The application also provides the old NCD-style folder tree support.