Mithis Entertainment (Proprietary)

NEXUS - THE JUPITER INCIDENT is a real-time tactics game with a science fiction theme, and was formerly known as Imperium Galactica 3. In this game, players go on missions in space and control different kinds of battleships in order to save planet Earth. Players assume the role of captain Marcus Cromwell, whose father Richard took command of the colony ship called Noah’s Ark. Richard Cromwell captained the ship through a wormhole near the planet Mars, and was believed to be destroyed when the hole collapsed. Marcus goes on a mission to Jupiter and this is where the game begins.

There are 6 episodes in the game and more than 26 missions that involve stealth, espionage, rescue, fighting, and other types. In each mission, players are given a number of massive space ships accompanied by bombers and fighters; there are more than 90 weapons and devices to use. Players may be given up to 10 space ships on a single mission. Players have the freedom to use different strategies to accomplish missions. Successful missions earn rewards for the players, which enable them to enhance, upgrade, and have their ships repaired when needed.

Players can zoom in on hundreds of different heavenly bodies, such as comets, planets, and moons. The game is set in a 3D environment.