Next Element

Zielok's Games (Freeware)

Next Element is a puzzle game that challenges a player’s logic and strategy skills. The main task of the player is to destroy all the fields that block his way to a desired point on the screen. Consisting of 30 levels, the game provides music and interesting graphics while testing the player’s ability to solve puzzles in each level.

The game is similar to the Japanese transport puzzle game, Sokoban, where the player must push crates or boxes around the warehouse. The warehouse is actually a board of squares, each of which is either a wall or a floor. The player must push these boxes toward their storage locations. He can move vertically or horizontally on empty squares. When all of the crates are placed in their storage points, the puzzle is solved.

In Next Element, many of the conditions and demands are similar to those of Sokoban. The game is played on a grid of tiles, which are either empty or numbered tiles. The player has to destroy numbered tiles. To do that, he has to move through the tiles to get to the numbered ones. What makes the game tricky is that the player can pass over the numbered tiles only for a limited number of times. The number of times he can pass over a numbered tile is the same as that tile’s number. The level is finished once the player clears the grid of all the numbered tiles.