Nexon Legend of Darkness 1999

Nexon (Freeware)

Nexon Legend of Darkness is an MMORPG developed by Nexon for users in Korea and Japan. This game also forms the basis of the Dark Ages MMORPG, the American version of the game. The storyline of Legend of Darkness, or LOD, is based on Celtic Mythology. To play this game on the main server, users are required to register by typing in their Resident Registration Number. Players are also required to have a Nexon ID so they can log in and create a character for the game.

Players start with a tutorial to learn the basics of the game, after which they are given a ten-question quiz. Players who get seven correct answers will be given the rest spell, which is needed in order for players to advance to the next stage in the game. Once the rest spell is obtained, players will then be tasked to go to a restaurant, indicated by a yellow circle, and kill ten rats. When the player has succeeded, he or she will be given food and gold before leaving the tutorial. Armor will also be provided. After the tutorial, players will be given five options from which they can choose their path: Warrior, Rogue, Wizard, Priest, and Monk. They can then create their new character for the rest of the game.