NewzToolz 2.0.3

TechSono Engineering (Freeware)

NewzToolz is a decoder tool developed by TechSono Engingeering. The program enables users to decode certain file formats including PAR, RAR, and yEnc. It also features a file combiner tool, an NZB downloader, and Usenet support. Other supported file formats include NZB,  DIVX, AC3, IMG,  QT, Vob, and BIN/Cue.

NewzToolz enable users to extract files from an archive file. Users can also decode the contents of a PAR file. These decoded files can be used to fix downloaded files from Usenet.  The program also features the capability to combine several files into just one large file. NewzToolz likewise allows users to download files from newsgroups.

NewzToolz features a classic gray window interface. The GUI is a tabbed interface with 3 main tabs: Main, Newsgroups, and Support. The Main window features 4 buttons corresponding to the main functions—Extract RAR archive, Apply PAR files, Decode yEnc file, and Glue Files Together. Clicking any of the options launches a dialog window corresponding to the function. The Extract RAR dialog box features 2 windows, with the left window showing the RAR file, and the window on the right displaying its contents. The Glue Files Together dialog box features a display window showing the files to be combined. Function buttons located at the bottom feature options to  Add all files into one folder, Add one file,  or Remove selected files. Users can also select the output path for the combined file.