eSobi (Shareware)

newsXpresso is a news reader that allows users to keep track of all the news stories they subscribe to on the Internet. It was initially released in October 2011. To view the latest news articles, choose ‘Latest Stories’ from the options and see all the latest headlines from different channels. Another option is to choose from a selection of channels to view which news articles are worth reading. Users may come across articles that are worth reading over and over again. These articles can be added to the ‘My Favorites’ section so that they can easily be accessed anytime. Content can be organized into different categories like Travel, Lifestyle, Sports, Technology, Finance, and others.

With the newsXpresso application, users have the option to add and delete channels, add tags to the content, rearrange the positioning of the windows on the interface, and add tag photos to the news articles. All the content can be shared with friends through SNS or emailing. To add more news content to newsXpresso, users can import and select which ones to add from Google Reader or eSobi Channel Highlights. The newsXpresso application supports tablets and smartphones.

Other features of the program include zoom in and zoom out options, reading preferences, and theme and language preferences.