NewsLeecher 4.0

Crystal Art Software (Shareware)

NewsLeecher is an application used for downloading content from Usenet. The program has a built-in SuperSearch feature that makes it possible to search for content for all binary Usenet groups simultaneously. Searches bring back results in less than a second. Aside from other file formats, NewsLeecher also supports the NZB file format, an XML-based format for the Usenet server. One of the main features of the program is multithread server downloading. With this feature, users are able to download files from different servers all at once. The program is capable of downloading 99 threads per server.

NewsLeecher also makes it easy to search for downloads with the filter system. The filter system allows users to search for specific posts without having to go through each header. Searches can be by file size, by tag, or by subject. Users can manage downloads on the transfer queue. A progress bar shows all the articles that are being downloaded, while the bottom part of the window displays the program’s activity.

Here are other features of the NewsLeecher application:
• Automatic PAR2 and RAR file handling
• Fast group caching
• Top tuned yEnc support
• Automatic downloading
• Advanced feature support

NewsLeecher is compatible with Windows operating systems.