News Rover Usenet newsreader 19

S&H Computer Systems, Inc.1027-A 17th Ave. SouthNashville, TN 37212 (Shareware)

News Rover Usenet newsreader is a news reader developed by News Rover on 2005. The program enables users to read news on Usenet. It was three available modes of operation namely, Autoscan, Subscribed Newsgroups, and Global search. Autoscan allows users to designate specific Interest Groups by which to scan newsgroups and news items. It automatically downloads news items that are part of the interest groups and match the criteria set by the user. Users may also create their own Interest Groups with specific criteria. One criterion could be the presence of image files on messages. Subscribed Newsgroups mode enables users to subscribe to specific groups. This allows users to access the message list contained in a group. To view and download a selected message from the list, users can double click the title of the message. Lastly, Global Search mode allows users to perform worldwide searches throughout Usenet by using specific search strings.

News Rover Usenet newsreader likewise features a Picture Gallery function. It shows the different thumbnail images downloaded by the program. The gallery also supports a Slideshow function for easier viewing. Users may scan backward and forward while in slideshow view. The program also offers password encryption and decryption of messages for added security. It also offers some Display Filter choices. This enables users to filter messages according to content—whether images, text, or other criterion.