News File Grabber

rsbr-Software - Ralph Brooks (Shareware)

News File Grabber is a program that has an integrated usenet reader that is used in downloading articles from USENET newsgroups including their attachments such as pictures, audio clips, and movies. It organizes newsgroups and processes them into NZB files. It comes with a neat and easy-to-navigate interface that is not crammed with buttons and panes. News File Grabber has a simple setup and it can perform tasks quickly and efficiently upon installation. It can perform as a background process while retrieving texts, audio, video, and image files without restricting other programs and applications from running.

In running News File Grabber the first time, users are tasked to configure their USENET servers. They will be asked to provide pertinent information on important fields such as server name, host, port, and credentials. Afterwards, the program will establish the connection to the server, and automatically organize retrieved files by categories and based on the users frequently favorited newsgroups. SSL is supported thus multiple connections can be run simultaneously, giving access to articles even from binary newsgroups and servers. The software is also capable of unpacking RAR archives without requiring a third party archiver. Finally, common coding schemes including: MIME, base64, UU, and YENC are supported, and they can be used in processing NZB files.