New Star Soccer 5

New Star Games (Freeware)

New Star Soccer 5 is the fiftieth entry in the New Star Soccer video game series from New Star games. In this game, a football player is created by the player. This football player is then guided by the user throughout his career. This is done through winning matches and ultimately making his career progress. The player guides the football player in moving up the soccer ranks, participating in leagues, and playing in National teams. The user can customize the created player by selecting his physical attributes. After that, the player's nationality, division, and team are also selected. The user also assigns the player's main strength and weakness. The player then plays in a full soccer season. These also include continental matches, as well as the nationals.

New Star Soccer 5 has 2D gameplay. Being a free-to-play game, the player is allowed to play up to 3 games per day. Registered users online are used as the games' database, along with randomly generated players to make up a team. The user can control many points in the created player's life. These include his relationship to his teammates, attitude, family, and fans. Additionally, there are elements of management in the game. Money is used to train the created player. In order to get the money apart from winning games, the player must secure contract from sponsors.