New Star GP 1.6

newstargames (Shareware)

New Star GP is an arcade-style racing game in the top-down style that closely mimics the adrenaline-pumping action of real-life professional motor racing. This computer game is based on the classics of the genre, but it offers players with the latest technological innovations. This game offers Formula 1 fans a chance to experience the tournament in a virtual environment. The game features real-world drivers, teams, and tracks of the Grand Prix 2009 season. This game also presents numerous challenges to the player during the race, including wearing out of tires, car damage, and other real-life scenarios.

The game accommodates online multiplayer set-ups. It also has pit stops and instant replays, much like true-to-life races. A total of 17 tracks are available to players, all of them based on real life in the full career mode. The competition against real world racing champions can be quite intense. Players of the game not only experience realistic high-speed racing. They also have to maintain a harmonious relationship with the pit crew and the boss, as well as fans. There are additional challenges to provide players with a complete experience of the luxuries and challenges faced by real-world motor racing superstars.

Players are also given tools to design their own racetrack. Before the big race, the player has to put in practice hours in order to learn the track.