New from the Lab

Viva Media (Shareware)

Another physics-based puzzle game from German game developer FAKT Software, Crazy Machines: New from the Lab also focuses on building quirky machines to accomplish 200 new goals. Each level offers more complexity than the previous one. Like its predecessor, New from the Lab features a personal laboratory where the player can create any apparatus conceivable. The player can use any of 100 machinery pieces, including platforms, cables, motors, and generators. Inventions can be built, saved, and loaded from the menu.

At the start of the game, the player can again pick items from the inventory and drop them on the screen. With a mouse-click on each object, a circular menu appears to allow the player to manipulate the position and movement of the item. Success of the machines built depends on precision in the placement of pieces in relation to the physics-driven variables that affect their outcome.

The complexity of each level is based on the quantity of pieces as well as the intricacy of assembling them in order to make the machine perform a specific task. As a brain-teaser, Crazy Machines: New from the Lab drives the player to keep experimenting on parts and use the many options and possibilities to arrive at a solution for the given task in a level. No hints are given to give the player opportunity to play around with the items provided.