Nevo DVD Ripper

NEVO Multimedia Inc. (Shareware)

Nevo DVD Ripper is a simple tool for ripping DVD movies to different video file formats. The program comes with a wizard, which makes it easy to use for those who are not computer savvy. It also comes with conversion profiles. Users just need to choose one of the available choices from a drop down menu. There is also a configurations menu where users can change various settings. There is a small media player on the interface where users can preview video files. The conversion settings that can be changed include the video bitrate, audio bitrate, and others.

Here are the other features of the application:

• Batch Conversion – The program supports batch processing, which enables users to convert several files simultaneously in order to save time.
• Full or Partial Ripping – The application allows users to choose to rip the entire DVD movie or just specific chapters.
• Auto Check of CPU – The program automatically checks the computer’s CPU to make sure that DVDs are ripped with the best quality and speed.
• External Codec – The application makes use of the power of an external codec in order to optimize the final result and ensure that it is high quality.
• Easy to Use – The program is easy to use and users can perform different tasks with just one click.