Neverwinter Nights

Bioware Corp (Shareware)

Neverwinter Nights is a role-playing game created by BioWare and distributed by Infogrames/Atari MacSoft. It was initially released in June 18, 2002. Its initial release includes a game campaign (available for both multiplayer and single player modes), game engine and Aurora toolset (for customizing content). Three expansion packs are available as well. These are the Kingmaker, Hordes of the Underark and Shadows of Undrentide.

The game follows the same rules as the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, wherein the player’s first task is to create a character. Various panels are available for choosing the character’s class, gender, alignment, race, ability scores, skills and feats, name and appearance. The gameplay is focused on developing the Player Character, or PC, by adventuring throughout the Forgotten Realms. This eventually leads to the PC becoming the story’s hero. The task of the PC is to defeat a cult by gathering four reagents that will create a cure to stop the plague.

Neverwinter Nights has four chapters in the original campaign story where each chapter follows the general storyline. There are different mini-storylines, quests and sub-quests in each chapter. Completing many sub-quests allows the player to gain more experience and items. This will highly improve the character’s level.

The game’s multiplayer mode enables player to play the game on various servers that host the game. The game also features the Dungeon Master (DM) Client. This tool enables players to become a Dungeon Master that helps other players through the story. Dungeon Masters also have total control of the game’s server.