Mayhem Studios (Proprietary)

NeverEnd is a fantasy role-playing game developed by Mayhem Studios and published by Dreamcatcher Interactive. This game is set in a woodland city and follows the story of a female thief named Agavaen and her band of bandits. After successfully stealing a treasure chest filled with gold, they engage in drinking and partying for an entire night. However, two members of the group run off with the loot while the rest of the members are asleep and as soon as they wake up and discover that their treasure is gone, they instantly suspect Agavaen to be the culprit. The leader of the thieves attacks her with his dagger but Agavaen kills him instead. She then sets off on an adventure to track down the real robbers and get back the treasure.

The player assumes the role of Agavaen and controls her actions in her quest for the stolen treasure chest. She also needs to recover her magical amulet, which is a symbol of her homeland and non-human roots. Agavaen will encounter numerous opponents and the player must devise effective strategies to elude or defeat them. It is also possible for the player to create spells that will get the woodland fairies to help Agavaen. Players can choose from among three difficulty levels and they can enhance their characters by completing quests and buying armor upgrades.