Neverball 1.5.4 (Freeware)

Neverball is a game where players control a ball that passes through an obstacle course with specific time limit. The game will test the players’ capability to solve puzzle games and reflex skills.  It is partly action game since the player should align the ball within the pathway of the course by tilting the floor using gravity. As the game progresses, additional objects and obstacles are added in the game play. The camera view can be adjusted in several modes which include the chase view and manual view. The chase view allows the gamer to move in accordance to the ball movement while the manual view allows the player to move the camera in different directions.

The game has different levels or stages. Players should collect coins to unlock these levels. There are three types of coins which include yellow, blue and red. Each coin has a unique corresponding value.  The value of these coins ranges from 1 , 5 and 10. Upon collecting 100 coins, players will gain an extra life in the Challenge Mode. Aside from the usual game set up, users can also play the golf game in multiplayer mode. Neverball has a built-in graphic tool which enables users to create customized level or map.