Neuview Media Player 6.08

QO Developments (Shareware)

Neuview Media Player, as its name suggests, is an application that is able to play different types of media files, such as music and video. Like other media players, this application has all of the basic commands that allow users to adjust the volume, play or pause a video, watch a video in full screen, increase or decrease the playing speed, and navigate to any part of a video. It has support for subtitles, and users can navigate to a specific part in the video using the real-time frame preview.

Aside from these basic functions, Neuview Media Player has the following additional features:

• Responsive and easy-to-use interface
• Use of Pixelfusion to enhance image resolution when watching videos
• Adjustment options for reducing noise, and for visual aspects such as brightness, sharpness, and contrast
• Continued playback even in the event of a codec crash or error. The application also features buffered playback, which makes sure that videos do not skip while being played.
• Audio options for beeping, crossfading, specifying the source of audio files, and selecting the output media. Crossfading can be selected if the user does not want to hear abrupt breaks in audio when closing a file.

Media files can be imported into the player through the file browser or by dragging and dropping them from a folder to the Neuview Media Player interface.