Neutron 1.07

Robin Keir (Freeware)

Neutron is a time synchronizing software that pulls the time from one specialized server in the Internet. There are options in the program that automatically pulls the time from the server and matches the computer clock time at program startup. It can also be set to automatically close once the time has been synchronized. The time that is displayed uses the standard Time Protocol and is set as the number of seconds after January 1, 1900. Network latency is considered during matching with the computer clock.

Neutron has a simple and small user interface. It has sections for both system time and atomic time. There are buttons for getting the atomic time and performing the synchronization. Expanded setup options display the time server used, and checkboxes for different program options. For the time server, it is recommended that the closest server be used for faster responses. There is a checkbox for automatically setting the next server if the first server fails. This option allows the software to connect to the next server on the list to match the time with, in case the initial connection did not work. The second checkbox automatically synchronizes the time during program startup. The last checkbox closes the program after synchronization has been completed.