Neuratron PhotoScore 7

Neuratron Limited (Shareware)

Neuratron Photoscore is a music scanning application developed by Neuratron Limited. It serves as a replacement for a text OCR application. It can also be used for converting PDFs into playable and editable notations. This program is mainly used for transposing, scanning handwriting notations, scanning music used for editing programs, extracting/re-arranging parts of music, and creating MIDI files. The program is available in two editions – Ultimate and Lite.

Neuratron Photoscore offers the following features:

• Handwritten Music Recognition – Photoscore offers full and automatic music recognition. With this feature, users no longer have to describe the handwriting style being scanned. It is also capable of picking up articulation marks.
• PDF Engine Integration – The program offers an integrated PDF engine, which allows users to work on PDF files without the need for a third party program. With this integration, users can select which pages to scan and convert. It also features batch processing, which allows the program to scan and work on multiple files simultaneously. This feature can be performed using a drag-and-drop function.
• Printed Text Recognition Engine – The program’s engine for printed text recognition offers low-res grayscale and accurate scanning.
• Editing Features – Aside from scanning printed/handwritten music files, the program also provides editing features for the scanned notations. Some of these editing features including copying and pasting several notes on a single staff, automatic saving of read scores, and more.