NetXfer Download Manager 2.96e.670

Xi (Shareware)

NetXfer Download Manager, also known as NetTransport, is a download manager program developed by Xi. It provides support for a variety of Internet protocols including FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, RTSP, MMS, eMule, BitTorrent, etc., which allows users to download files from Internet servers at a much faster rate.

Once installed, the program is automatically integrated with Internet explorer. This allows users to create new download tasks via the right-click menu. Aside from this, Explorer integration enables users to trigger downloads straight from a browser. The program also offers file management features. It has a built-in file manager, which can be used for managing and organizing downloaded files. Organizing the files can be done by categorizing them.

NetXfer Download Manager also provides access to FTP servers. It allows users to maintain multiple databases when logging into Windows using different usernames. The program also offers a Scheduler Manager, which can be used for downloading files at a specific date and time. A feature called URL Sniffer is available as well, which is used for grabbing real host addresses where downloaded files are located. Aside from this, the application also allows adjustments to be made to bandwidth usage. This feature makes it possible to customize how Internet bandwidth is used while the program is launched.