SoftPerfect Research (Freeware)

NetWorx is a tool that measures the system’s bandwidth. Its main uses are for bandwidth usage data and measuring the Internet speed. The application can also be used for tracking the source of problems with the network and identifying the network activities of threats that may be present in the system. Users can set sound alerts for network connection errors or when there is suspicious activity. Network traffic is shown with a line chart. A log file containing traffic statistics is saved, too. The log file can be exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or HTML.

NetWorx works on cable modems, Ethernet cards, dial-up connection, ISDN, and ADSL. The application features a Speed Meter, which provides accurate download times and transfer rates. The software places as icon on the system tray. Clicking the icon shows a summary of the network activities and right clicking it brings up the main menu. NetWorx is a customizable program. Components that can be customized include update checking, hotkeys, graphs, graph colors, and notifications.

Key features of the application are the following:
• Clear graphic and numeric display
• Detect suspicious activities on the computer
• Multilanguage support
• Close supervision of uploads and downloads
• Advanced testing tools

Users can set the program to automatically disconnect the Internet when network activity surpasses a certain level.