Network Controller 1.2 (Shareware)

Network Controller is a computer program that facilitates quick and easy control of network connections. With the press of a button, users are provided with a list of available network connections, including LAN and Wireless options. While in the process of installing the application, users have the option to install a desktop shortcut for faster access to LAN connectivity. The main window of the program offers users with all the operational tools available.

Network Controller is simple to operate. Users must find the Toggle LAN Desktop Shortcut to enable or disable existing local area network connections. The Toggle LAN State button can be used to disconnect the system from an active network connection. This action does not affect the Wireless Network Connection if it is not connected. Around three seconds after disconnection, users are presented with a new list of available network connections as soon as the system is refreshed.

This program is handy in both home and office settings. Network Controller offers admin privileges for office network settings. Network administrators can manage the whole network with the desired level of control. The utility is supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It has undergone numerous tests for efficacy on said versions of Windows operating systems. The program can be downloaded from the Internet.