Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi (Freeware)

NetTools is a program suite composing of IP and networking monitoring tools. The utilities included in this suite are design to perform actions such as network scanning, host monitoring, system administration, security and more. In addition, all the tools included in this bundle support the latest software, hardware and protocols for both wireless and wired networks. Its main goal is to provide all the necessary utilities for diagnosing and monitoring the networking connections of a computer.

The available utilities in NetTools are configurable. The tools are also organized based on five main categories. For instance, the Bandwidth Meter, IP Converter and IP Calculator are found in the Network category while the Process Checker and Windows Startup Manager tools are found in the System category. There are a total of five categories – Extra tools, Exterior tools, System tools, File tools and Network tools. The program also features a search function, which can be used to search for a particular utility.

NetTools also feature an application called Mini NetTools. This application can be used to perform multiple Network Tasks in a faster way since all the basic network tasks are already summarized in this program. There’s also the NetTools Notepad, which works like a typical Notepad. Other available utilities include the Live Chat Now, Stats, Bandwidth Monitor and Music Player.