NetTime 3.14

Mark Griffiths (Freeware)

NetTime is a system utility designed to help users keep their computer’s system time as reliable and accurate as possible. It is categorized as a Simple Network Time Protocol or SNTP client for Windows operating systems and servers. It has support for all Windows operating systems from Windows 95 up to Windows 8, and for servers 2003, 2008, and 2012.

This application synchronizes the computer’s system time to within a hundred milliseconds of the correct time. It resynchronizes the system time of the computer at regular intervals. Between these, the computer system is allowed to run at its normal speed until such time that the application syncs the system again. The deviation between the system time and the correct time depends on the hardware and may also depend on the programs being run, so it is necessary for an SNTP client to make sure the system time is correct.

The interface of NetTime is simple. The program window shows the correct time, the time of the last attempt, the time of the last sync, the time of the next attempt, and the status of synchronization. It also lists down the individual time servers where the application obtains the correct time and their status. Users can update their system time anytime by clicking the “Update Now” button at the bottom of the window.