Nicolas Kruse (Proprietary)

Nettalk provides users with a rich and dynamic smartphone experience. TALK credits may be purchased at affordable rates to enable user to save money on all types of calls—long distance, local, and international. Nettalk connects people no matter where they are in the world. This utility also provides plans for users on a specific budget.

Nettalk is the creation of Nicolas Kruse. This utility allows calls to be made with the use of the Internet Relay Chat protocol. Nettalk gives users the chance to call anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi in case cellular coverage at their location is poor. More than one connection may be facilitated at any one time.

Nettalk also provides the means to make international calls while travelling abroad without incurring roaming charges. There is an offer to consumers wherein 50 minutes of free calls per month are provided to smartphone application users in Canada and the United States. To continue with services after the free allotment is utilized, users can buy TALK credits that allow for worldwide call services.

This is an easy to use utility that has an intuitive interface and a built-in wizard that facilitates the setting up of connections. The window also provides displays of the server section, the chat pane, and the list of users.