NetStat Agent 3.5

Flexbyte Software (Shareware)

Flexbyte Software released the NetStat Agent application to provide people with a tool to diagnose any problems with connectivity on their computer systems. This particular program focuses specifically on network connections to help the user prevent and resolve problems that may arise from unstable connections.

The NetStat Agent interface displays all connections, both inbound and outbound, and also generates a list of ports that are open. It is similar to the primary statistics program that comes with Windows-powered systems. However, this program has a more basic interface that is easier to read. It displays data such as the properties of a local computer network. It can also detect host activity and analyze protocol statistics. Here are some items of information the interface displays:

• Current status of active UDP and TCP connections
• Status and availability of local ports and remote ports
• IPv6 connections
• Status information, such as the location of IP addresses and their complete hostnames

Primarily, the NetStat Agent provides the user with a platform for quick access to information regarding the available ports and connections on a particular computer. As the program shows the available connections, the user can monitor these connections and see if any problems exist. The more accurate diagnosis of a connectivity issue increases the chance of resolving such a concern.