NetSetMan 3.5.2

Ilja Herlein (Freeware)

NetSetMan is a tool for managing network settings. It was first released in 2004. The program enables users to switch between different structure profiles including Home, School, Work, Mobile, Friend, and AP. The program is available in two editions – NetSetMan Free and NetSetMan Pro. The Pro edition is a shareware program.

All the profiles offered by NetSetMan contains different network configuration options including IP Addresses, DNS Servers, Gateways, IPv4/IPv6, WINS Servers, and more. The program works like the network settings manager of Windows. All the changes made on the program are automatically saved in different files for backup.

The program features six different profiles, which can be activated any time. Users can also adjust the settings of different network adapter simultaneously using the MultiProfile function. There is also a Profile Management feature, which lets users manage all the available profiles. This feature is used for editing Groups, MultiProfiles, and Profiles. Aside from this, NetSetMan also features a Clear Settings function, which enables users to clear a particular entry field within a profile. Transferring settings between the profiles is also possible via copy & paste function. The program also allows more than one IP address, WINS address, DNS address, and Gateway. This feature is useful when using more than one network simultaneously.