NetScream 1.0

SWIFTDOG (Shareware)

NetScream is a tool for improving the speed of the computer’s Internet connection. It is a modem enhancer that optimizes downloads and uploads based on the modem’s capacity. The program is compatible with all types of Internet connections. The program makes changes the computer’s registry files in order to improve the Internet speed. Afterwards, it makes automatic adjustments on the computer based on the modem and the computer’s specifications. NetScream has a simple and easy to use interface. The main window shows the modem settings including the operating system, the type of modem connected to the computer, and the speed setting. Users can also read help topics by clicking on the ‘Need Help?’ icon on the left part of the window. There is also a button for technical support.

NetScream is capable of accessing the hidden settings that are associated with the modem and the bandwidth. It clears the bandwidth limits set by the system to make way for optimum usage.

Other features of the NetScream program are the following:
• User-friendly interface designed for novice computer users
• Gain maximum Internet speed
• Support for all Windows operating systems
• Boosts transfer speeds and LAN (Local Area Network) speeds