Netscape Internet Service

Netscape Communications Corporation (Proprietary)

Netscape Internet Service is an affordable internet service provider (ISP) that is developed by Netscape, which is a subsidiary of AOL or America Online. It is one of the other five remaining services currently offered by Netscape. It can be remembered that Netscape also produced the first user-friendly web browser which was phased out by Internet Explorer.

The company proceeded to venture into providing Netscape Internet Service instead in order to appeal to the younger market, which are less likely to afford higher priced Internet connection offered by their competition. It was launched on January 8, 2004.

This ISP has two plans: one is the basic unlimited plan and the other is the accelerated plan. For the former plan, here are some features: unlimited internet service, two mailboxes that each have 50 mb worth of storage, 5 mbps free web space for a personal website, an email address with a Netscape domain, and free customer support from 9am to 12am EST, seven days a week.

The latter plan has all of the basic features mentioned in the basic plan with the addition of the following: connection that is 19 times faster than dial up and pop-up blockers while surfing.

Netscape Internet Service also offers free national roaming and does not require contracts or set-up fees. Their web acceleration service can speed up loading of web pages, graphics, text, webmail, and email. This is done through compression of the aforementioned items before it is sent to a phone line so it gets delivered faster. The email service can be accessed through any POP3 email software programs such as Thunderbird or Outlook.