NetScanTools® Basic Edition 2.30 (Freeware)

NetScanTools Basic Edition is a program suite that contains a standard set of tools developed for testing network connections, and replaces the NetScanTools Standard Edition. It is designed for use by advanced computer users, particularly network and IT administrators, but the application’s simple interface also makes it easy to use by those who are learning to manage networks. The main screen has a well-organized layout that includes a Help file, which users can read to get started and learn more about the program’s tools. Among the network tools included are basic Whois, Ping, Ping Scan, DNS, Traceroute, and Graphical Ping.

One of the key features of NetScanTools Basic Edition is the DNS function. To run a query, users can simply type in a hostname, domain name, or IPv4 address and the application will show the pertinent details of the query. Users can also determine the properties of their own system or network by utilizing the “Who am I?” function. The application will then display the domain name, hostname, and IPv4 address of the user.

This application makes use of minimal system resources (RAM and CPU), and works fast without interfering with the speed of other applications. This means that it does not make Windows hang or crash, so that users can perform their networking tasks worry-free.