NetOp Remote Control

Danware Data A/S (Proprietary)

NetOp Remote Control, developed by Danware Data A/S is a program that provides highly secure remote control over a wide range of devices. The program supports remote control over a very wide range of devices. Some of the devices that the program allows computers to control are desktop computers, laptops, POS terminals, mobile devices, and embedded systems such as ATMs. There is support for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platforms. While requiring to be connected to the Internet, the program can store offline lists when the controlling terminal is currently not connected. The program offers full and fast system control over the keyboard and mouse. It also supports file transfer between the remote and local terminals.

NetOp Remote Control provides not only access to remote terminals but monitoring as well. The program provides full control from the host terminal to the remote terminal, giving the host terminal access to objects like clipboard content.  Common functions in Microsoft Windows can also be performed by the user from the host terminal. The host terminal also has the ability to lock the remote terminal, giving complete control to the host terminal alone. This is helpful when sensitive settings, files, or other material is being handled by the host terminal. More advanced administrative systems are also accessible from the host terminals, giving system administrators the ability to diagnose and fix problems remotely.