NetObjects Fusion

NetObjects (Proprietary)

NetObjects Fusion is a web design program that was first released in 2001. The application is ideal for beginners as it has a wizard that guides users through the steps in building a professional website. The application also comes with several templates that can be customized according to the user’s needs. Some of the tools included in the software are the following:

• Websites Management – The application consists of a website management tool that allows the user to create and see the structure of the website just like a chart.
• Mobile Templates and SiteStyles – The Mobile Templates and SiteStyles feature allows the user to create websites optimized for a mobile device.
• Photo Galleries – This tool enables users to upload images straight to the website. Users can add image descriptions and photo captions. The tool also has photo frames.
• Form Components – NetObjects Fusion comes with web form tools. This makes it easier for users to collect online information without having programming knowledge. The application supports ASP and PHP platforms
• Site Safe – The Site Safe technology backs up the web design template. The template can be stored on the computer or in an external hard drive.

NetObjects Fusion supports the drag and drop feature. Web design objects can be added and arranged on the template by using the mouse.