NetMeter 1.1.4

ReadError (Open Source)

NetMeter is a network monitoring utility developed by ReadError. It is particularly used for monitoring network bandwidth which allows users to check online activity in terms of online traffic speed. The program is capable of monitoring dial-up and NICs adapters.

NetMeter’s interface is composed of a graphical display showing on-going network traffic. The graph shows the network’s upload speed and download speed. The upload speed is shown in green, while the download speed is shown in red. Users may also choose to display the maximum accept speed of the network. It can also display text labels. However, this setting is optional.

The program features configuration options for the Totals and Reports, Graph, Fonts and Color, Notifications, and Tray Icon. The Totals + Reports section of the options menu provides users with the exact data transferred by the network daily, weekly, or monthly. Users can also specify the amount of data transferred based on total amount, or given a specified time. The report generated by the program includes download/upload, average speed, and peak speed. An export to CSV format option is also available for these reports. The other configuration options provide users with the ability to customize the program based on how it appears and functions.