NetLimiter 3

Locktime Software (Shareware)

NetLimiter 3 is a Windows Internet traffic monitoring and controlling program developed by Locktime Software s.r.o. It was initially released in 2005. The program is available in three editions – Pro, Lite, and Monitor. NetLimiter Monitor edition is freeware.

The program is used for setting the limits of the download and upload transfer rates for programs, filters, and connections. This allows users to manage the bandwidth of the Internet connection. The program also displays all the programs communicating over the network. This allows users to monitor the connectivity within the network. The program can also be used for blocking connections. Users have total control over what applications can connect to the network.

NetLimiter 3 features Filters, which is used for defining the group of applications or connections. There is also the Rule Editor and Zone Editor. The Rule Editor is used for creating advanced rules while the Zone Editor is used for controlling the traffic for a certain zone. Aside from this, the program also provides statistical tools for the Internet connection. It provides measurement of the Internet traffic, which enables the user to track the history of Internet traffic.

Aside from these features, NetLimiter 3 includes the following functions:

• Traffic Chart
• Remote Administration
• Permissions Editor
• Infos