NETGame Browser

Public Game portal (CSS.PNZ.RU) (Freeware)

NetGame Browser is a game platform developed by CSS.PNZ.RU, a public game portal. This allows users to play games online without the need go to any game websites. This platform is a game installer, launcher, updater, and monitor online gaming network all rolled into one browser.

In the browser, players can socialize through a built-in platform chat either publically or privately. Private messages can be sent via the chat and file transfer are made possible as well. Other than that, players can create individual profiles, choose their avatar, and have their own chat room users.

With NETGame Browser, installing client-owned games is no longer needed. By providing the patches, the browser automatically does the installing and upgrading of the game(s) itself. Tracker custom servers (NETGame Tracker) are also present.  In addition, the platform includes a lot of free games. Examples of these games available in the browser are Counter Strike: 1.6, World of Warcraft, GTA (Grand Theft Auto): San Andreas, and Fortress 2 and Battle Field 2.

Features of NetGame Browser include:
• Talk to other players in the built-in chat room
• Talk to other players in private chat and send private messages
• File Transfer
• Players can create individual player profiles and upload an avatar
• Includes a selection of free games to choose from