NetDraw 2.134

Analytic Technologies (Freeware)

NetDraw is an application that lets users visualize social network data. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as social mapping and analyzing human relationships within a small group or large organizations. This application lets users read in multiple relations on the same nodes. A node represents individual persons, called actors, within the network. Users can switch between or combine the multiple relations for a better diagram. The program offers a set analytical procedures to identify components and isolates.

Users can customize the look of their social network diagrams. The background, as well as the sizes and colors of the nodes and their node-rings may be changed. Lines and labels may also be customized for a clearer diagram. This application features a Node Data Section, where users can put in the variables that describe the individual actors in a network. Variables can be sex, participant control number, and age.

The completed network diagrams can be saved in JPEG and bitmap image formats, as well as enhanced metafiles and Windows metafiles. If users will still work on a diagram, it can be saved as a VNA file. The network data and node attributes, as well as the node colors, shapes, and spatial configuration will be saved. The diagrams can also be printed straight from the application.