SeriousBit (Shareware)

NetBalancer is a network management program developed by SeriousBit. It is specifically designed to allow users to monitor and control Internet traffic and any network activity. It allows users to efficiently perform various web-related activities even if the torrent or download manager program is currently downloading files.

The focus of NetBalancer is prioritizing network activity. Users can control any application that use the network or Internet. Applications with high priority will be given more traffic bandwidth as compared to those applications with low priority. But, even if the applications have a low priority status, these applications will not be limited when it comes to network usage. Aside from prioritizing Internet activities, the application also allows users to configure the upload and download transfer rate of any application.

The program’s interface is intuitive offering a single-windowed interface. The interface displays a list of applications that requires Internet connectivity. On top of the list is a set of buttons used for managing applications. These include setting the application’s download/upload priority to low, normal, or high, choosing the download speed limit, blocking download traffic, ignoring download traffic, and more. The program also features filters, traffic chart, process information, and more. The program can also be customized based on the user’s needs. The Settings window offers several configuration options for the Traffic, Bandwidth, and System Traffic, Performance, Security, Priorities and Traffic Chart, External Priority File, and External Rules File.