NetAnts (Freeware)

NetAnts is a download manager that allows users to download different files from the Internet. It makes use of HTTP and FTP connections in order to download parts of a file. This makes the downloading process faster. It has a simple user interface that anyone can operate. A tree view of the system is located at the right panel of the window. Files that are currently being downloaded are on the upper portion of the window. When a file is selected, users can view more information about it on the lower part of the window.

NetAnts supports batch downloading. This allows users to download several files all at the same time. The program can run in the background while the user does other computer activities. Users can search for files to download using their web browser window. When a file is selected, it can be copied to the program or dragged and dropped to the program’s main window. The order of downloading can also be rearranged by the user according to priority. The program also supports resuming of downloads. Any file being downloaded can be paused. The next time the program starts, the download resumes from the last point instead of starting from the beginning.