ASUS (Freeware)

ASUS Net4Switch is a network management application developed by ASUS. This program can save all the network settings on ASUS notebooks avoiding setting network settings over and over. Net4Switch detects new networks automatically. It also features auto-configuration each time the environment changes as well as multiple network support and profile editing.

When creating network profiles, different types of Connections are available including Wireless LAN, Wired LAN, ADSL, and Dial-up. Setting the program to enable VPN is also possible by checking the “Enable VPN” box during profile creation. An option to capture all active system settings can also be done. Like Windows Explorer’s settings, the program offers an option to obtain IP address and DNS server automatically or use a predefined DNS/IP address. It also offers a setting for configuring WINS.

Configuring a network profile also provides an option to set the ICF, ICS, and default printer for network connections. Optional settings are also available, which includes enabling internet connection sharing. The program can also open an application automatically whenever you switch to another location profile. There is also an option to map a network drive automatically when switching to another location profile. The program can be used for diagnosing network connection as well.