Net2Phone SIP Dialer 3.7

Net2Phone (Shareware)

Net2Phone SIP Dialer is a configurable program that allows users to make phone calls. This is the utility to download if fax functionality is not required by the user. This program is available in multiple languages and runs on PC. Users can expect an improved PC to phone experience with Net2Phone SIP Dialer. Net2Phone SIP Dialer is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Net2Phone SIP Dialer has numerous features, including the address feature and an enhanced Internet café calling function. There are two modes available—private and public modes. The private settings give the user the permission to save the PIN and account number for their personal use.

Net2Phone SIP Dialer also provides users with international country codes in alphabetical order. The program presents a list of the ten most commonly dialed countries for easy retrieval when the user has to make another call using Net2Phone SIP Dialer.

Net2Phone SIP Dialer works best with headphones with integrated microphones. This program is designed such that callers can make adjustments on the voice frames per packet and match it with their available bandwidth. In this way, call quality is optimized every time the utility is used. With a good Internet connection speed, the highest quality of voice calls can be expected by users of Net2Phone SIP Dialer.