Net2Phone Dialer 3.7

Net2Phone (Shareware)

Net2Phone Dialer is an application that is intended to assist users who want to send fax messages and make telephone calls to receivers located elsewhere in the world. These calls are free and can be made from a personal computer to a cellular phone. PC to PC calls are offered for free as well. There is also no need to spend too much money on airtime because handsets can be used to make international calls that are affordable with Net2Phone Dialer.

Mobile customers can take advantage of the multiple functions of this utility. One of the highlights of Net2Phone Dialer is the improved sound quality. There is also an option to surf the Web from the smartphones via a GPRS and 3G network. Net2Phone Dialer is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows XP.

Net2Phone Dialer is easy to download and equally convenient to install as well since onscreen prompts are provided to the user. This program is intended for private use as well as commercial use. Businesses can utilize this program given functionalities that fulfill the requirements of call centers and Internet cafes.

The user-friendly interface of Net2Phone Dialer presents the users of this application with pertinent information such as account balance, the number dialed, country dialed, cost per minute of the call, duration of the call and number of minutes remaining in the call. Net2Phone Dialer also provides users with a list of the last ten numbers dialed for convenient recovery.